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Gorp's Gift: Gun Safety
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From Teachers and Educators ...

"My class loves Gorp. All of my 24 students have signed Gorp's pledge to keep away from guns, and have promised to resolve problems without violence."
Otilia Ugalde, Public School 9, Class 3, Bronx, New York.

"I have read hundreds of children's books, and every once in a while I come across a beautiful gem like yours. It's a great book with a super message. Wow, I couldn't agree with you more!"
Andy Bombeck, Fifth Grade Teacher and Children's Radio Show Host from Phoenix, Arizona

"Never has the medicine gone down more easily or more whimsically. Children will love this book and learn from it for years to come."
Betsy Buxer, Third Grade Teacher from Phoenix, Arizona

"All the students at Haywood K-4th loved the book! It really sends a strong message in a loving way."
Julia Alsup, Elementary Teacher in Nashville, Tennessee

"Our Day of Concern was a whopping success thanks to the Gorp. The book's in our library for students to take out. Gorp's a big hit!"
Albert Wojtcuk, Ph.D., Principal in Taftville, Connecticut

"Gorp really made an impression on our students. They were talking about his message right up until vacation time. Your efforts are making a big difference."
Kathy Coury, Kindergarten Teacher, Granada School, Arizona

"I appreciate the fun approach you have taken to a very serious issue and would like to be made aware of your books dealing with other social issues of great impact on children."
Nancy M. Williams, School Librarian, Salida, Colorado

"You really touched our students with Gorp's gun safety message; it is one they can't hear enough. Gorp is a fine addition to our Media Center.
Mary Ellen Roche, Cochise Media Specialist, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Gorp is a great tool. He gets the kids' attention, they listen, they learn, they remember. What a gift for teachers!"
Tracy Atwell, Teacher, Ketchum, Idaho.
(Editor's note: Ms. Atwell liked the project so well, we enlisted her to write our Teacher's Guide. Thank you, Tracy, thank you!)

Most Importantly, Reactions from Children

"The Gorp is very cool! I love your book because it teaches kids to be safe. I will follow those rules."

"Thank you for helping me to not play with guns."

"I like how you don't like violence."

"Guns are not safe. If I see one, I will not touch. God Bless."

"I don't like guns. I like to play basketball."

"Thanks to Gorp, I'm now teaching my little cousin to be safe."

"I will never touch a gun because my uncle died from one and my dad is still sad. He shot himself in the head because his wife left him. I will never touch a gun. It's too sad."

"Gorp's Gift helped me a lot. Now I know not to touch guns. Now I will tell my four year old brother."

"I can't get over the loving feeling that comes over me when I know people are trying to make the world a safer place."

"Guns are bad, they make you sad. "

"I think it was a great story for gun safety. Especially for kids my age."

"I don't think there should be guns. People should not have made guns. Guns are a bad idea. There is no reason for guns."

"Guns aren't cool...I'll never take one to school."

"Once I saw a gun under my sister's bed and I opened her drawer and saw bullets. I wish my sister wouldn't take a gun with her."

"Guns really don't help or make you cool. I think your story should be known all over the world."

"You should write a note to the President to get rid of all guns so kids won't get hurt or die."

"Thanks Gorp. 12 kids get killed by guns every day. We hope that we can stop the violence." (Ed.note: Writers are all 7-11 years of age. Only spelling has been changed.)


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