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Gorp’s Secret story By Gorp as told to Sherri Chessen,
Illustrated by Linda Bronson

The other kids in Pumpernickel Park can tell something’s wrong with Missy Muffin. Usually smiley and bright, lately she’s sad and tearful, even at school. Her caring teacher sends Missy to the nurse, who takes one look at Missy and remembers another, Pumpkin Pie, whose smiling ceased suddenly one day.

Gorp’s Gift By Sherri Chessen,
Illustrated by Dale Duncan Johnson

THE GORP'S GIFT is a picture book that empowers our youngest kids to know what to do and what not to do if they encounter a gun. There are no pictures of guns, or any gratuitous violence. Available in both hard and soft cover.

Baby Gorp

A LUCY WILSON design.This incredibly adorable 'beanie' serves as a constant reminder to the children of their pledges to safety...nice for adults, too.

BUY NOW $6.99













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