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Gorp's Gift: Gun Safety
Teacherís Guide

Available in:

the Gorp's Gift
Hardcover for $15.95 $12.00
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the Gorp's Gift Teacher's Guide
by Tracy Atwell, for $7.95 M.ED $6.50
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Both the Hardcover and
the Teacher's/Counselor's Guide $16.00
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"Gorp really works!  When I read the book in the Kindergarten class in Springfield, the ensuring discussion with the children was unbelievable.....thank you, Gorp. I look forward to working with you and Gorp to help protect our children."

– Victoria Reggie Kennedy
Co-founder of Common Sense About Kids and Guns, Washington D.C.


"I have read hundreds of children's books, and every once in a while I come across a beautiful gem like yours.  It's a great book with a super message. Wow, I couldn't agree with you more!"

– Andy Bombeck
Teacher and Children's Radio Show Host, Phoenix, AZ




The Gorp's Gift

Gorp and his enchanting friends engage in a delightful romp while helping children learn that GUNS HURT!

Designed to be loving and interactive, while invoking a “NO GUNS FOR ME” attitude, these disarming characters are dedicated to creating a SWEETER, SAFER WORLD for everyone.

Gorp’s Gift is a creative and endearing book designed to promote not only an awareness, but an understanding of GUN SAFETY for our children.

Purpose Of The Book:

The Gorp's Gift was created as a tool for teachers and parents to sensitively and gently open a dialogue on GUN ACCIDENT PREVENTION. It aims to empower each child so s/he'll know what to do, and what not to do if s/he encounters one of the 240 million guns that now exist in the United States. Meeting and remembering Gorp serves to reinforce his life-saving message.

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence:

Because of the steadfast efforts of Mary Lewis Grow of Minnesota and Senators Bill Bradley of New Jersey and Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, a day was designated in 1996 by Senate Resolution 282 as the Day of Concern and Student Pledge Against Gun Violence. Every October, students throughout the country are given the opportunity to sign a voluntary promise that they "will never carry a gun to school, will never resolve a dispute with a gun, and will use their influence with their friends to do likewise."

Gorp and his pledge are available so our youngest children can participate in this life-affirming event on an age appropriate level. Visit the Student Pledge Website for complete information: www.pledge.org or sign Gorp's pledge right here.

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Gorp's Gift Pages


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