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Great news!!!!

For those of you who have used Gorp’s book on gun safety these past 12 years, we want you to know that in a few months the revised book will be printed in both English and SPANISH!!!

This is in response to many requests and we hope will further empower our youngest kids with the right information on what to do if they encounter a gun.

Gorp’s Gift has engendered thousands of pledges from our kids committing to not touching a gun if they see one, to telling an adult, to remember that ‘all guns are loaded’ and to not ever, ever ‘play’ with a gun!!

Gorp is really proud to be a part of the Day of Concern and Student Pledge Against Gun Violence each October. We wish we could somehow display these pledges and the letters kids have written to us on this dire subject. Their ideas and concerns bear heeding. (And some will break your heart.)


Sherri and Gorp

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