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Because Gorp’s new book on child sexual abuse is now here, I asked Google to alert my website when any news stories on the subject appeared.

As a mom myself and someone who’s worked with and for kids all my life, I was unprepared for this list.  When I finished slobbering on my keyboard, wiped the mascara (darn that ‘waterproof’ stuff) off my cheeks and thru bleary eyes tried to absorb the words in front of me, I could only  sit here and ask the question:  “What are we, as parents, as teachers, as caring citizens going to do about this problem?”

It appears to me that more time is spent on the abusers than the children. We need to be more proactive…  who?

I’ll be thinking……

Sherri Chessen and Gorp

3 Responses to “Yikes!!!”

  1. What’s Happening? » Blog Archive » New Jersey Real Estate Report » Nj Commercial Re Not Spared Says:

    […] Yikes!!! | Gorp […]

  2. Says:

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  3. Florence Linderman Says:

    Sherri, Did you read the comment of June 9, 2010? The address is It seems EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE FOR YOUR WEBSITE. If you are in agreement, can you delete it. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be as offended as I am. Gratefully, and respectfully - Florence Ann

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