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Hooray for these kids!!!!

The Los Angeles Times, Friday, September 19th, page B4, in a column called California Briefing had two items that made me feel fantastic! One told of a 5 year old girl who was playing outside with her 7 year old brother when a man picked her up, took her to an alley behind an apartment and proceeded to undress and abuse her…BUT the little girl screamed and the man fled.  (The abuser was identified by a witness and caught) Hooray for this child who felt empowered enough to protect herself!  Gorp sure agrees!!!!!!

The other item told of a teacher at Our Lady of Holy Rosary School who was charged with sexually molesting two female students.  How did they find out?  One of the girls TOLD a counselor at summer day camp. That led to an investigation of the teacher and the knowledge of the molestation of still another girl.  Yep, Gorp says TELL, TELL, TELL.

We’re proud of both these young girls.  It’s not an easy task to be brave enough to stick up for your rights in cases like these.  Once these egregious, sub-human perpetrators find out they’re facing a new generation of empowered kids they may reconsider their despicable actions!  Let’s hope so.

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