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August 5th, 2008

Gorp and the Pope

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:20 am by admin

Yes, that Pope.  When He visited the US this summer, I remember most the three adults who, after many years of silence, had an audience with him and confessed to abuse by their Catholic priests.  It tore my heart apart to see middle aged people so affected by these egregious acts.

I’ve been thinking of somehow sending our new book to the ‘powers that be’ in the Catholic church so that we can help the children of today and tomorrow prevent the  heart-breaking scenes we saw this summer.

Gorp’s Secret is proving itself to be an excellent resource for empowering our kids, getting them to understand that they can stand up for themselves and helping to ward off these despicable acts.

Question:  Advise, anyone?  How do we get to the right people? We know nothing about the hierarchy of the church.  We certainly are grateful for your leads, and/or suggestions.


Sherri Chessen

Thank you!!!


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